Sunday, November 9, 2014

Paying For Christmas

So Christmas is about 46 days away. Most of the time by now I would be FREAKING OUT. But this year we have a plan. Last year as budget allowed I would get one thing a week and we did ok. We don't go over board, but I'll tell ya Lego's are expensive! By the time you buy a few sets each, you could have paid your mortgage payment. Add in the fact that my youngest has been begging for a kindle. Well actually an XO tablet, but after all the issues with Ethan's. No way. Who can just flat out afford a kindle, and well a case, and a kindle protector. 

Well actually I can. Actually Christmas is nearly all done and paid for an in the closet. Whoa, hold the phone, WHAT? 

Tell ya my little secret. A few years ago I discovered swag bucks. Back when I was working and would try and do about 100 points or so a day. No big deal, just had it on when I was on the computer. And then as we sat down and made some money goals last year, I was asking myself how can I help? Logically money wise it would costs us too much for me to work. So I needed something at home. And it's not like we need a lot of money, just a little something. And I thought again at swag bucks, if I really sat here and did it I can do about 360 in points a day, which is 25 dollars a week. And in about 6 weeks I had enough for a kindle. I had all that saved and tucked away and then amazon put the kindles on sale, oh how I jumped on that. I was able to buy a kindle, case and everything all for 150. I paid nothing out of pocket. I have been cashing in 5 and 10 dollars in amazon money for Lego's. As I get enough for the next set on the list I buy it. 

I have spent probably 400 dollars so far, and the most out of pocket I have spent is 6 bucks. (I forgot taxes one time) Oh well, I got a 115 dollar set for 6 bucks. I'm not too worried about that math.  Mind you I have been really swagging hard since our trip in July. Yes, I have been Christmas shopping since July. And no the kids are not getting a lot, but have I mentioned Lego's are expensive? 

After I'm done with Christmas, I plan on getting more off our Amazon list. But I won't be aiming for the 360 a day. It's a lot. 

Swag bucking is easy, it's so easy my husband does it when he is home. If you buy something, you may want to see if you can do it through the site and really earn some swags, but really I just do the videos. I search, I watch the TV, on the site. If you go up to the Discover button and hit encave there are all your videos. Really easy to put one on and cook dinner or such. But if you are looking for a little something extra. Play around with it. Once you earn some swags, go up to the rewards and cash them in. I always cash them in for amazon money. OH last spring I used the paypal option and bought a lemon tree. 

I will tell ya I have never bought anything through swag bucks. I always just watch the videos, or search or some days I just sit here and play around. 

It's not a lot, but it adds up and it's helping me stay on track for paying down the house. I do not have to take money from the "extra" Mortgage payment to get this Lego set or that one. 

So if you want to try it out for yourself, here is the link.   or click here


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