Saturday, April 26, 2014

Welcome Mister Lincoln

Well silly me got on a rose kick. I have been wanting roses for years, YEARS. And with the talk of more land one day, it's hard to keep waiting. Well we lost four lavender bushes (ticked me off!) this past spring and so I had four empty barrels. So after some chatting we decided to get some roses. After a trip to the garden store, and confused as ever. I came home with Mister Lincoln.

As you can see he will be a pretty red.

He is a great size.

And today he was planted in the first spot in the yard. After some research I know what two I want next, so budget depending on those.

Since I was taking photos of Mister Lincoln I took a shot of the garden in front. It's slowly turning green.

Orange trees are doing well. Waiting for their barrels. I'm to the point I don't want to put anything into the ground and since they are young they can sit in a big barrel until we know what we plan on doing with life.

And here is the front yard apple tree. It's loaded. Last year it gave us about 6 or so apples.

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