Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Weekly Update & Mortgage Challenge

Yep, it's been two weeks. Well we had sun. Yes. SUN. And I had two very sick boys. Just a fever, but it was high and nothing was bringing it down and they felt like crap. So a few sleepless nights.

Our apple tree, it gave us about 6 apples last year. This year it's loaded. Might be too loaded we may be picking baby apples so we don't loose the tree from weight? Hopefully I can get a photo of our pear tree later. It's loaded also.

Ran to the garden store, as I lost BOTH bay leaves this past winter. So I'm replacing both of them and found a pink rosemary. And lavender thyme.

One of my herb beds. See the holes? I finally dug up my garlic chives that died. Major debate going on here. Do I replace with new garlic chives? or plant my Nelly chives there? They are doing great and need a home. On the other side of the holes, I lost my rosemary. I haven't pulled them yet as I still have hope. But it's ever fading?

This guy finished his math book. Lucky for me he has a math brain. But Tucker started this book this week. Oh just pray for me. He does not have a math brain. But three lessons in and we are doing ok. Ethan is finishing up his "hard" math book this week. Then he will start 5th grade. 

Mortgage is going slow, it's dropping, but the numbers seem to be falling slowly. Sitting at 119,689. Math wise won't be out of the 119's until next month. Ran numbers for a few weeks in advance. And things are ever so tight. We have cut a couple of wants so we can save for some van work that we know is coming. Belts will need to be replaced before our trip. I'm not getting stuck on the side of the road with a broken belt. Been there done that, won't be doing it again.

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