Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Weekly Update & Mortgage Challenge

And it has been a week and then some.

This one finished up third grade math. Lord help me trying to get him through fourth.

So it's our Anniversary on Friday, after 11 years it's nothing exciting. Just surprised we made it another year. But In laws give us money, and it came Tuesday. So we jump in the truck and run up and get some bark. We have been wanting to do this for 3 plus years. I can not tell ya how awesome this looks. Although we are a little short.

But we won't be finishing this week. Why? Well in pulling the truck into the driveway the truck died. This was apparently a start of a fight. After getting the kids into the house. I come out to tell hubby we should try and jump the truck. No, it doesn't need jumping. So he calls his car guy, the car guy tells him to jump it. So now I have to go out and help him jump it. Which worked and we got the truck into the drive and then proceeded to have a BIG fight. About how he doesn't ever listen to me, but he will listen to anyone else. We had the same fight a few hours later. And I'm sure we will have it again.

Pretty right?

The boys got a few plants for their beds. 

So it's a very tough week right now. We seem to be getting hit left and right with expenses right now. The truck was moved to the top of the list because it's needed for hay runs. I blow a fuse today, not only blow it, it was out. Had to replace it. Puppy went sick, but after some googling decided to give it some time. No food for about 12 hours and now he has nearly all bounced back and started eating chicken and rice that I made him. So had to worry about him all day and do we take him in, do we wait. We've been through this before with other dogs, we get antibiotics and sent home. I don't want a puppy full of antibiotics if we can just wait it out. Although we know how puppies get into things and eat stuff they shouldn't. 

So BIG Mortgage news. We are now below 120,000. Being hit left and right makes it really hard to pay that extra. I keep hoping the struggling will pay off. Currently at 119,949.49.

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Chriswife said...

Marcie, your beds look absolutely gorgeous with the mulch and pavers around them. Looks as though you had a professional come in to lay out your landscaping. It must feel great to look out on that pretty sight every day!

I can so relate to the hubby listens to others and not you situation. Mine was like that for years and years and years. Seemed like he could take my advice where raising children, making financial or medical decisions and keeping house were concerned as he perceived those to be my areas of expertise but beyond that everyone knew better than me. We had many painful disagreements about it. Well, I don't know if they were painful for him but they surely were for me. I can say that we're still together after all these years and he has gotten better although neither of us will ever be perfect, I'm sure. :)

Congratulations on meeting that big mortgage milestone!