Thursday, March 27, 2014

Weekly Update & Mortgage Challenge

Not much going on here. Vader and Buddy were fixed on Tuesday. Buddy made a great recovery and back to his old self asap. Vader had a hard time, took him a good nights sleep to recovery. I think they gave him too much sleepy drugs. He couldn't walk, or hold his head up or nothing. Then he had swelling. Swelling is now down and doing better. 

I've been planting up a storm. The one green house in the back is nearly full. I will be taking photos in a wee bit. Then to fill the green house in front. Normally I have a lot of last minute planting so the green houses will fill up fast. 

Not much else going on here. There is a lot on the plate, lots of stress going around. And how I wish it would stop raining for a minute. 

Our Mortgage went from 120,470 to 120,340. Come next week we will be under 120,000. That will be a very exciting day.

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