Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weekly Update & Mortgage Update

And it has been a week.

Strawberry bed is done. YEAH! Now to weed block the aisles, get some pavers and to bark.

I cleaned up Tuckers bed and topped it off with more dirt.

And cleaned out Ethan's bed and topped it off as well. We are finally out of dirt. Thank God!

I got this project done the other week, but Finally got it mailed. So I will post it later, when I know the person has received it.

I got two of these all sicked. It started out Friday night all night long with Ethan throwing up. He was then stuck on the couch until Monday. What is today? Wednesday, so Tuck went down last night, we finally had throwing up today. All over my living room floor. Got that cleaned up and him in a bath, and into bed early. Hoping he sleeps all night. 

So last Friday started out as a good day. We ran south for some errands and hit goodwill and came home with boxes and boxes of jars. Probably my biggest haul from a goodwill, our 401k loan would be paid off today. Anywho talking about what a good day we were having and then BOOM. I got hit with something I wasn't expecting. And I won't go into lots of details here. But I want to remind people there are two sides to every story. Just because one person is telling you one thing, doesn't mean that there isn't another side. It's best to know both sides of a story because making any judgements. 

You may know someone for 30 years and not realize there is a whole other side to a person. But there is. I don't know, I hope this whole issue doesn't turn into a "thing" because I am in no mood, I have no time and this person will just be removed and I won't turn back. I should have left this person when she kicked me out at 19 and I should never have said another word to her. When people don't add anything positive to your life it's easy to just say bye. 

Just remember there are two sides to every story. Please know both sides before making any judgements. 

Something else on my mind. Right before my neighbors mom passed on I remember a talk we had. And she was PISSED. She had just been hit with cancer and it was bad, actually it took her in less then two months it was so quick. But why she was Pissed? Not because of cancer. But because she had just gotten to a point in her life where she was free, she had no husband, no kids under foot, grandkids doing ok. She was ok money wise. But her life was her life and she could do as she wished and she was liking that freedom. 

Got to thinking about the issue that happened on Friday. And once you retire. From about age 60 on, and if you have your health. You don't have kids living with you. Your time is yours. Boy my mother in law took full advantage of this time. From book club to red hat to everything else she does. She is packed busy and out there doing. Just amazing how different people are? I have a mother that is doing nothing but whining because no one is taking care of her. She has all this time, get a hobby? Join a club? take a hike? nope spends her days yelling and whining because no one is there to take care of her. Sad when she is gone and looking back on life to see all the whining. 

Maybe that is why I like sewing and gardening. I could spend hours and hours just lost at the sewing machine. I have so many ideas and not enough time. I don't know just thoughts? 

So anyway a good week money wise. The 401k loan is paid off. YEAH! We now have that money back in our pay check which will allow us to hit small saving goals. really, really small goals. 

The Mortgage is down to 120,600. Still on track that the first week of April to be out of the 120's. 

Hoping for a quiet week ahead. Quiet and no spending of money! Oh and sick kids getting better and I don't want a third one sick.

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