Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Weekly Update & Mortgage Challenge

Yeah, these two are just cute. Well except for tonight when I found a pup digging up my tomato starts! Trying hard to calm down right now. Needless to say they are on a table now and I will check in the morning, on how many I lost. It's still early I can replant. Just beyond pissed. And he actually knows it.

We finished putting in these three beds. We have room for more, but stopped. Moving brick and dirt into the back field is really hard work. Plus going through goats and such.

Then I tore up this area. Put down more weed blocker so I'm ready to bark. I installed the filing cabinets, plus two planters. I will paint the filing cabinets at another time.

And since we still have yet more dirt left, I tore out the last strawberry bed. I wanted to do it last spring, but ran out of time. So it was overtaken by grass last year. We also tore up the grass next to the bed, we will put down weed blocker and pavers and bark it. This bed was just in ruins so out went some of the wood. So we need to replace the wood and weed block and fill and hopefully then run out of dirt? Get to that when ever it wants to stop raining around here?

On the Mortgage Front doing very well. Tell ya it's dang hard. But when you see the numbers drop oh so worth it. From 121,120 to 120,732.17. That is paying the Mortgage payment, a little extra I saved and my weekly amount I have been doing. Tell ya I can't wait to be out of the 120's all together. 

Also this Friday is our LAST 401k loan payment. What an exciting day that will be. We have talked about some small saving goals. So starting to build that up this Friday if all goes well???? Just keeping things small. But if something happens, I want to be ok and ready and not ever think about borrowing from the 401k again! Once all saving goals are meet the money will go back into our weekly budget. Then maybe we won't be saying a lot of Make Do. Make Do. Make Do. No money so make do, can't afford food until such a day, make do.

Now if it stops raining we will be out working on that strawberry bed. Plus a whole list of chores to do. Oh and two puppies are being fixed at the end of the month. That is ever so exciting. Although apparently I'm the one excited? Go Figure?

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