Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weekly Update & Mortgage Challenge 3/19/14

Well it has been another week, not much I can mention here because of my level of piss-i-ness. I'm working on calming down. I'm working on trying to figure it all out. But it comes down to respect. Utter Respect. To know someone for over 10 years and to not pull them aside and say here is the deal. I had to find out from a police notice in the mail. My kids' freedom is nearly gone. And it's heartbreaking. They are NOT allowed out of my sight period. Trying to hover without them realizing it. New rules have been set. 

And honestly we can't wait to pack and move. It's something we chatted about again this week. It's part of the reason for the Mortgage Challenge. To have money in the house when we go to sell. Now that the 401k loan is paid off we can start saving, tiny amounts nothing to get excited over. BUT we are saving verses paying a loan company. 

We can't even think about leaving for awhile. We have decided not to make any plans until the in laws have passed, but knowing my mil she will never go. But set ourselves up now to be in a really good spot. For when we go we want to pay cash for a house and be mortgage free. But we need more land, we need breathing room, and we could really use a wee bit bigger house.

Our mortgage this week went from 120,600 to 120,470. Come first of April still set up to be out of the 120's. That will be exciting. Every week it's more and more of a relief. 

This week we are setting up a second green house. Next week temps will be going up and with that some of the starts will slowly be moving out to the new green house. Any tomatoes with second set of leaves, flowers, leeks and such. Hoping to regain half of the hallway. As you can barely walk in it now with two tables. Even with the tables I have found a cat on the tomatoes twice. With that loosing some. I was able to save some, but not others. So I've had to restart some. I'm not too worried about the timing. I have started as late as May and still got tomatoes. I don't want to do that this year, so as they get second set of leaves they will leave the house as not to get damaged by my house full of pets! 

Speaking of pets. So exciting, two dogs are going in Tuesday to be fixed. Buddy and Vader. After that all animals will be fixed and that is a good thing. I don't like surprise babies. And so logically no animals here can have babies. Yeah, Logically! 

Other then that, just working with the starts, in the garden, the budget, sewing, felting and swagging.

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