Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weekly Update & Mortgage Challenge

Well not much going on this week. Why? Because it's RAINING. And it won't stop Raining. So I've been inside. Stressing about money. 

We have this dream of one day, selling the house and moving to some land, some real land no less then ten acres. Living off the land. It's one big reason for the Mortgage Challenge. If we can pay down the mortgage then refi removing the pmi, our payment will drop, nearly in half. Then the money going towards the house. Will go to a savings so our money is spread around. I don't like all my eggs in one basket. So the amount of money in the house and savings we should be able to pay cash for something? There for, no mortgage payment. And so where ever we move, odds are when we start out hubby will only have to look for a part time job, verses 40 plus hours a week. He likes that.

In the future when we know where we will land, and what our land looks like, we will figure out ways to live off the land and how to make money off the land. But that is another day. We've been studying bees this week, very exciting.

Right now it's hard to save 2 dollars, let alone something decent a week. So this week I have opened my etsy store. Lots more on that later, I only have two listings. With the gray skies and rain I can't get decent photos. Math wise "if" I can sell 5 pillowcases a week I believe I can put about 100 away a week. Going towards our future goal. It's not a lot, BUT it's a start. It gives me a way to help. And if I'm helping, then I'm not stressing. 

Stress as we want to do this sooner then later. We want the kids out enjoying land and weather and life. We have been working on de-cluttering and downsizing. We didn't realize we had nearly 100 totes under the house. Totes came from my past, hubby's past. Stuff that I just tote and put under the house. Deal with it later. Well it's later. Every week hubby has been off, we pull out totes and go through them. This past week alone we made 3 trips to goodwill, our trash pile is over flowing and we went from 30 totes on this load to about 8. Hoping when we are done, we will be at about 20-25 total totes. So going from about 100 to about 25. 

We then will go through the shed. Our hope is to put the totes from under the house to the shed. Just keep downsizing. Because really if it's under the house for years do we really need it? A few totes have been really hard. Well others go straight to goodwill. And some going what were we thinking saving this? When hubby is off next week, we will pull the final 25 totes and finish up round one.

Doing this now, and not doing all of everything as we are looking to move, and set up some land.  It also makes you feel better. Living with less, the house feels like it's breathing.

Then the truck is back in the shop, after breaking down on the road coming back from a hay run. Luckily we live in the country and have a country car guy. So I picked up the kids, and the car guy came to help them home. But now the truck is with the car guy. Nearly everything was under warranty so it shouldn't hurt too bad. But until you know. 

So on the Mortgage end of things. The amount is going down slowly, we seem to be in a rut. Going from 119,689 to 119,559. Seems we will be in the 119's for a few more weeks.  But we are chugging along.

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