Sunday, April 20, 2014

Wild Flowers

Well lots going on here garden wise, herb wise, seed wise, growing wise. Honestly some days I don't sit before I fall into bed and do it all again the next day. 

So today got on a yarrow kick, I was googling something and came across a really pretty red yarrow. So I had to go and see what two I was growing in pots. I know what grows wild. And I have White and a Pink-ish in pots. I have purple and white that grows wild in the back field. So this afternoon I was trying to close my eyes (for a rare nap), but they popped open when I went DUH I'll buy some seeds and put them across the street in our "field". On our street we have houses on one side and land on the other. It's someones land, we think the line of it is the counties, but no one takes care of it and it's trees and such. You go up the road and ten tons of blackberry's. It's where you find me in August picking berries and filling our freezer. 

Since becoming "aware" of weeds and such. I have been up there just looking when I have time. No yarrow over there. But on the other hand I don't want to spend money. I have tons of yarrow why not transplant it. I then went out back to see what is happening to my yarrow. My container of white yarrow has gone crazy. Where my pink is barely hanging on, looks like I have 2-3 plants in there. Where white is wanting to jump and I wouldn't be shocked if I have 50 plus plants in there. 

So tomorrow I will be thinning out the white yarrow and moving it to the open field. Depending on how many I transplant, I may go and dig up some of my wild and place it over there??? 

But I went up today to show hubby where I was thinking of putting the yarrow. And we found these two flowers. I know they are something????? But what? So the last picture I believe it's Wild Camas. The top picture, really no idea. I'm tempted to call it Dames Rocket or in other words Hesperis matronalis But honestly I have no idea. Hubby went out and planted it with the wild bleeding hearts he brought home last year. So in the morning I will take out the computer and compare. Might have to wait until it has bloomed more? Anyone have any ideas? 

According to the map of WA Damas Rocket is not in my area, it's in the county below me? Hum yeah like things don't jump?

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