Thursday, May 23, 2013

Oh Happy Days

Ethan is done with Third Grade Math

And English! Thank God, I thought English was going to be the death of us.

Star and Ellie's brother was born this week. Cole requested a monkey, picked out the fabric and everything. So unhappy with these monkeys. With monkey three, I re-did the arms and legs and those look better. It's the face I need to work on, I know it's hard to see. But sewing wise it's a nightmare. Star gave me more fits then a two year old! I have two more girls in the pipeline, so I will see if I can master the face? Tucker has not named his boy yet.

And fourth-ly, it's my b-day and what a better day then to get your Mother's Day gift today. Welcome my newest babies. This company is in Canada and it took many weeks to ship. The herbs look amazing, I can't believe how big some of them are. The only real issue I have is they could only ship 11 of the 12, a quick email asking if I would like to sub something would have been nice? I don't plan on ordering anymore herbs this year, so I need to go and email and request the money back verses a credit.

Lime Balm
Lemon Eucalyptus
Honey Eucalyptus
Silver Dollar Eucalyptus
Berries & Cream Mint
Citrus Mint
Italian Spice Mint
Lime Thyme
Nutmeg Thyme
Mongolian Yarrow

Next up is sewing pj's. Ethan and Tucker have out-grown Costco pj's and I'm not about to go shopping to go looking to see who might have something? Plus at ten dollars plus a pop. I dug out my knits and I have some really cool colors so I will be working on those. I have family coming into town. Next week shall be another crazy week.

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