Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Weekly Update

And it has been a week. See we went to the Mother Earth News Fair and silly me sat through a few herb speakers. Hubby finally got the OH that is why you are into herbs. He knew, but know he really knew. So on the way home he was saying I need more beds. Hum YEAH. So on his two days off we made new beds. 13 in all. They are not big beds, but 2 x 2 or 2 x 3 and such. Enough for a herb. Verses a veggie bed.

So this is my new thyme bed. This is Lime Thyme.

I lined it up with my other thyme's.

Grapes are doing well.

These are next to the new swing.

We left this space as Trixie comes and goes through this fence. I didn't want her in my beds.

8 new beds here. The small squares on the edges will be lavender. All ready planted. The first bed on the left is for comfrey it's a good 2 x 4 bed. Not only is comfrey a great medical herb, but it's good for the garden.

This was our dirt load.

At the end of day one we still had dirt. It's why I now have 13 beds instead of 8. We needed to put the dirt somewhere.

I spent all of today just planting. I had about 7 flats left in the green house. I'm down to two mixed flats left. Every thing I had laying around was just planted. Now that everything is planted, (well almost) it's time to tend to the garden. Keep it weeded. Tonight I pruned the tomatoes. Thinking of getting out my worm liquid poop and getting it into the garden. Just time to tend to everything. 

Hopefully I can take full garden photos soon?

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