Thursday, June 20, 2013

Penny Pinching Books

So I get asked all the time how do you afford this or that or do it all on how little you have coming in? So I'm starting a new serious. As I think of things I can share on how we pinch pennies I will share.

First one, I have a cookbook collection. I am crazy nuts over cookbooks. I adore them and use them and abuse them. I had an author sign one, one time and flour and other things fell out of it. She was like, well I'm glad to see you use the book.

OK first when I find a book it goes onto my Amazon wish list. From there I go to the library website and put it on hold. Once I get it in my hands, is the book really worth buying? Some are not and are quickly deleted from the Amazon Wish List. Some like the one last night was quickly bought and is all ready shipping I have to have this book. BUT because I buy used off Amazon I spent less then 5 dollars on book and shipping.

Because really we don't have the budget for cookbooks, I often use my Swag Bucks to pay for books I do a search or two daily they add up, I cash them in for Amazon gift card. In turn letting me collect cookbooks without it killing our budget.

I also buy used school books this way, but that comes out of budget. But I don't know how many times I have bought a book for a penny plus shipping. I try and buy one school book a week or if something just drops in price I buy it asap, but because I'm watching it on Amazon I can watch for the best deal. And it allows me to get more for the kids. Especially like their drawing books and such. I can't afford those but buying them used I can buy 3-4 for the price of one new.

So there you go, it's how I'm able to have a ridiculous amount of cookbooks and not spending much on them.

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