Friday, June 14, 2013


Funny how life can be sometimes. So last week we saw this week coming. We got hit with just about every bill under the sun. Everything due or things left and right will be turned off. ARGGGG so math wise leaving us with 50 dollars for the week. BUT wait, I had a doctors appointment so there goes 20 dollars. Leaving us with 30. OK we can do this right? But at the doctors appointment they didn't take the money, YEAH, well until I got home and had an email saying our garbage is being turned off. GAHHHHH, back down to 30 dollars. On the way home from the doctors appointment I picked up a few things we had to have food wise and now home for the week.

Which in turn is fine. As we have the Mortgage Challenge coming up and I"m hoping we can live on such a low amount very often.

I am sooooooooooo excited about the Mortgage Challenge coming up. To pay off the house is a dream. I read a story and this so called "expert" calls it stupid to pay off your mortgage early. Well must be nice to have a high paying job and can afford your mortgage? Or you need the tax deduction? We don't. I see it as a few different ways. What if hubby lost his job tomorrow? We can barely afford the mortgage as it is. I also see it as part of our retirement plan. I don't want a mortgage payment when we are retired. Plus think of all the interest we will be saving? So after our vacation in July, I have it all sketched out, we will take it week by week. Hit goals, take a break, hit more goals. The big goal is to hit 100k and decide what to do. Do we re-fi and go down to a 15 year? But if the rates are not there then pay for an appraisal and get pmi removed. We will decide what to do later. It will be awhile before we hit 100k.

But my goal is to put up as much food as possible so we can live on as less as possible, to not only pay down the Mortgage but build a savings. So I"m hoping it will be a busy persevering summer this year.

(what a pretty sight, dried red pepper all ground up, red peppers left over from meals)

(our Kale harvest so far, only half the bed, put enough for 19 meals into the freezer today)

I finally picked up running again today. Been itching do it again. I'm started at 10 minutes and will climb from there. We have a track up the road and I'm hoping to start using it. Ethan has been wanting to run, but I wanted to start first to make sure I wasnt' going to drop dead first? But realized how much I have been missing it. So forward we go. I need running shoes. I haven't had a new pair of shoes in about four years. So maybe as we get up there in time, take Ethan up to Olympia and run around the lake on a nice day. All sorts of running trails up there. 

I am also still packing around 20 extra pounds. Would love to drop at least 5 this year. I dropped 16 last year and was able to keep it off. It's always hard to loose those last few. I'm not stressing over it, but there are times it's tiring. So aim for 5 and hope for more. I won't ever be a size two again, but I want to be OK with me and right now I'm not. Close, but I can still knock myself out with my arms so still have some work to do.


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Chad Nelson said...

Mortgage challenge and drop at least 5 pounds? 2013 was definitely a productive year for you. It’s not that easy to achieve both. The weight goal, yes. But mortgage-wise, I agree; it’s a wise move to pay it off as early as possible to lessen your worries. How is it, btw? I hope everything just worked out the way you planned it.

Chad @ Iron Point Mortgage