Friday, May 17, 2013

A Baby and Catching Up

There is nothing like a baby. I finally dug in and cleared out the second garlic bed as the weeds were over two feet tall. OOPS. And I found a cherry tree baby. Today it was dug up and will be sitting with the four apple tree babies that are growing by leaps and bounds.

This is what 102 Tomato plants look like. Yep, 102 and room for 9 more. I have one flat left in the green house. As I have to dodge rain to get things planted.

I've had three very sick kids. Luckily one right after the other and not all at the same time. Just a weird fever. This was Ethan all curled up on an 80 degree day.

So this is the momma that had babies everywhere, I'm still moving the babies!

I will be doing a garden tour coming up. This is my front yard. Up front are my two herb beds, I'm working on filling them out this year.

This is in the backyard, one of my herb sections.

This was one morning of planting. 5 flats.

Cucumbers and pumpkins. Come on babies Grow!

And this project is FINALLY finished. It has taken nearly a year as we couldn't afford it. So buying so many bricks a week, and so many base rock a week. Finally got everything bought and hubby worked to finish this up.

To house this. A swing that came from my Grandmother. With my parents loosing their house we went and got this last year, and then it sat in our front yard. The swing is not 100% done, but it's finally in it's place.

Keep gardening!

I still have to finish cleaning out the green house, I need to get a lot into the ground and a lot of moving and working. So I'm not gone, I'm just in the garden. I'm hoping to do a garden tour soon so you can see my 150 plus tomatoes. OH speaking of tomatoes. I have a new tomato page at the top of the blog. I will be collecting and saving heirloom/organic tomato seeds. And that is where I will be listing the types I have. I will be adding a Sunflower page soon.

Currently all kids are well. But I'm dealing with a lot of rain. 

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