Friday, May 3, 2013


And What a Friday it has been. We have something here we call a Chicks Sale. Basically a lady opens up her property to about 40 vendors, they sell craft, antique and other items. It's a must go to if you live in the area. Just Thank Goodness we got there early today. As there was no parking as we left and a line of cars waiting to get in. Basically we walk around once, anything on our list that is a great deal we pick up asap. We then take a second trip around for the maybe's and to see if anything was missed.

Well I saved up for this, but only bought a few things. So we left and headed to Costco and Home Depot. To get more lavender trees, and 3 lovely new blue berry bushes. I won't admit I have 19 blue berry bushes at the moment! Just waiting for them to all go crazy now?

Well since I didn't find a tub today, I needed to build a bed. This is my new bed. No how to's it's just fence boards and 2 x 4's. Cut the fence boards to size and the 2 x 4's for support.

How lovely is this tray? They will go into my hens and chicks bed.

Oh how I LOVE this mushroom. I have been wanting something unique for the garden. Something you can't just get at a store. And today at the sale I found it. From the lady that did my garden markers. Sadly she only had one left. She told me to email her she may have more later. What I LOVE is you can't get this in a store, no one else will have this and it will last a good long time.

I adore this mushroom.

Did I mention Adore?

Look at this Apple Tree. There is a story here. See long ago I sold houses. I went into a house and lost the listing. Which is fine, it was going to be a hard sell for not much. So the house sells and the new owners hate the apple trees and want them gone. They came up on Craigslist, I answered, hubby came home going You are not going to believe where these came from.

Well we transplanted 3 apple trees. And they did nothing. Well neighbor decided it was time to pull them. Two were pulled, she didn't get to this one yet. And it bloomed. Last year we got 5 apples. This year look. It''s such a pretty site. It's like the tree know, you better bloom or you are GONE!

This spring it has grown and bloomed and looks ever so lovely. I can't stop going up and just staring at it.

And finally the best art work I have in my house I picked up today. Isn't this just the most amazing piece of art work ever?

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Jenna said...

Hi! Not sure how to send you email so posted here. Taking my son in for vitiligo today and saw old post while scouring internet to look for more info on it and saw your old post. May I ask how to email you to see what treatment you chose and if it made it better for your little boy? My little girl looks like she has it and it just spread to her face on top of all the other places... Thanks... sorry for the weird post.