Thursday, May 2, 2013

Holy Gosh Darn It!

One of those days, I tell ya. See hubby hides his tools, well I found them the other day but didn't say anything. Then today came and it's warm out and we have heat coming and things need to be watered. For the past two years we drag the hose from the back yard, over the fence and water the front yard. But right now that hose is needed in the green house and my strawberries really need water.

So Ethan and I today bucket after bucket, we filled, as it took forever as the front faucet drips, not runs, but drips. So it takes awhile to fill a bucket and took over 30 minutes to water the front yard.

Well when your back is hurting and now you are lifting water buckets, it isn't ideal.

So I'm going to do it. I'm going to fix the front faucet, after two years, I will either tear it off or fix it! I went out to the garage and shut off the water, well except I either grabbed the wrong knob or something is broken out there? As I turn it off and got soaking wet. So I left it and figured I will go as far as I can on faucet.

Screw by screw it all came off, after the fourth piece came off I found something broken? So I dug it out and took it out, then I kept working on the rest of the broken piece, and got it about half out. Then it was really getting late, so I put it all back together. And look what happened!


Gosh Blooming I have water in the front yard!

Tomorrow I hook up a hose and try out a hose.

Hot Diggy Dog.

I know many of you are going, well why didn't you call a plumber? Bottom line money. They costs money. We did call one last year, when the back faucet was ripped off the back of the house and we had a full blown leak under the sink and under the house. That repair costs us nearly 400 dollars. We cant' just call people and have things fixed. The front faucet at one point yes, will have to be replaced, but if I can buy us a year.

Today we went to Costco and found these. OH so pretty.

I adore Lavender.

We thought they would look good on the corners as we are redoing this area this year.

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