Friday, August 19, 2011

With a Heavy And Sad Heart

Today Dale has passed away. Sadly he has been getting older and feeling his age, sleeping more, and not being able to get up and down like he would like. Eating had become a chore. And we sadly thought we would loose him before winter.

We went out to feed the goats today and I noticed Dale was not getting up. Went over to him and realized he had a hurt leg, sometime between last night and this morning he had hurt his leg pretty badly. I bandaged him up, we gave him grain and we got him up on his feet. I walked him around the yard and then he took a nap. He was able to get up on his own after that. About 4pm he was no longer in my sight so I went out to check on him.

Dale was laying down, so I went to help him up, and he looked at me and said "No Mom" I said, "Yes, lets get up" he looked at me and said "No Mom, I'm tired" Sigh,  I put his head back down, and I held him, I said "Ok". At the same time his brother Chip I kid you not was throwing a fit, he was screaming and yelling and stomping his feet.

Dale took his last breath, Chip stopped his fit and turned his back to me. I realized he was probably telling his brother to fight, fight because you can't leave me, Mom is here she will make it all better. MOM FIX IT!

I know Dale was tired, I know he had no more fight in him. He was pretty old for a goat, and for the years I had him, I say he had a pretty good life. This gently giant will be greatly missed.

Now I'm praying Chip makes it through this. Goats can die of a broken heart, and when your brother of 11-12 years leaves you, it can hurt.


colleen m said...

So sorry to read this. Poor Chip :( Sendling lots of love & light to all of you.

AdoptionMom said...

So sad to hear this. Big hugs to you, the kids and the 'other kids.'
Even my Chickies send hugs, the 2 remaining roosters here are pretty lost without the other guys, just sort of mopping around.


jana said...

sweetie..You did your best and dale knew he could leave.It is ok with hima nd with you..big hugs and love to help with your empty spot today