Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekly Update

Well I would say it has been a week. A very long week. We made our van payment this week, not as much as I wanted, but what can one do. We are down to 4569.

Saturday I took the boys to the beach. I went by myself with three boys and one dog. Yes, I'm NUTS. But I did it. My parents were at the beach, and so we meet up with them. Westport was also having their crafts festival. We dragged the boys through that. The boys in turn dragged me through a few local shops. Before we called it a day.

We had lunch, and then we hit the beach. Ethan and Sitka running to the water.

Ethan in the water.

Ethan and Sitka in the water.

My new bowl from the craft festival....Love It. To stay on budget, I paid nothing for it....Mom bought it, I'm surprised she didn't save it for Christmas? Oh well, it's in my kitchen now.

And to end the week, Blackberry picking started today....YEAH. We actually don't have to go far, we have bushes in our front yard, thanks to our neighbor. And we just have to walk up and down the road.

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