Tuesday, August 16, 2011


No not those type of pockets, these are pockets you can eat!

I used her recipe ingredient for ingredient so I won't post it here, But this gives you more of an idea and you can use just about any gf recipe that you can roll out. Although I have to say hands down the Flying Apron cookbook is AMAZING!

So I made pockets, I rolled them out about the size of your hand, they are on the smaller end as these are for the boys, school lunches. Each boy got to fill their own, and we baked them at 350 for about 20 minutes. I then put them into the freezer for some up-coming school lunches. Easy Peasy.

For filling we used lunch meat (crap free kind), chicken, left over taco meat, diaya cheeses, carrot slices, all sorts of peppers, pesto (because i only have 125 jars of it in the freezer), we had all the fillings in bowls and the boys went to town.

I will be making this again soon, we ran out of meet and had to stop.

Roll out the dough, now notice my tiny roller? You can pick this up at any cake section of a Joann's or Michael's.

Rolled out.

Being filled.

Done being baked.

Lovely right?

A close up.

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