Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekly Update

First on our van challenge. We were able to put 150 towards the van, it was the vans turn in the budget to be paid anyway so this week was good. Next couple of weeks I'm praying we can do this. Currently at 4939.

Next, I got Whoopie pans....Exciting. Look for Whoopie Pies soon from me!

Next, someone explain to me how a cat can sleep like this? Seriously. She is right above my head when I sleep. It's not fun when she flips off in the middle of the night and lands on my head.

Next, Bunny is doing well, these are the new digs.

We are toying with releasing him/her soon. So we will see. Healing is going well.

Next, exciting news for this boy. He is soooooooooo excited. He will be going to preschool Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And he will be going to his brothers school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This child wanted to ditch preschool last year and only go to brothers school, he was a self-proclaimed kindergartner. So this makes for a nice compromise for everyone. We finally got everything settled this week.

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