Sunday, July 10, 2011

It All Started Thursday Night

Boy it's been a couple of crazy days. It all started Thursday night, as I looked at our bank account to see if our paycheck had dropped and what I found sent me into shock, nearly throwing up and shaking. We were victims of check fraud. A nearly two thousand dollar check cleared our bank, now anyone that knows us knows we don't have that kind of money. So it took our mortgage money, insurance, and money we were going to use for food shopping. And we owed the bank well over one thousand dollars. Not to mention all the fees we got hit with. Which those will be returned.

Hubby was at the bank at 7am to clear this up. We will see our money back, but not in time to clear our mortgage, we had to borrow money to feed our kids, And our paycheck in currently caught in limbo. Basically we are up a creek with holes in the boat and no paddles. We have to change accounts. We spent hours, calling companies and changing this or that.

To let you know the check looks nothing likes ours, makes me wonder if they somehow got our info off line? There were so many mistakes with the check, it dumbfounds me how it cleared? It just kills me on how we work so flipping hard and it sometimes takes everything we have, and someone can come and take it all away.

Poor hubby was between the bank and police department most of the day on Friday. Before he came home for about an hour and left for work. We will recover and move on. But right now the wind has been knocked out of us, and everything is up in the air.

Saturday was spent food shopping. As having three kids at home, seems to wipe us totally out of food. In the evening I had somehow lost total control of the house, kids, everything. So I just focused on the watering and getting my things done and let the kids be total monkeys.

When the neighbors cat came home with dinner. I happen to be close by and the neighbor caught the cat and I took dinner from her, a baby bunny. Poor bunny had taken a beating. I didn't even blink I took the bunny home, and googled on how to take care of it. I sent hubby out to look for a nest. He couldn't find anything. I spent him back after dark with a flashlight and still nothing. It's hard to know about where she got the bunny. So we don't really know where to look.

So it seems we have a bunny. She has perked up, she's eating good, she's about 20 plus days old as far as I can tell. The kids are adoring the new bunny. Here is a photo of the first night we had the bunny. Kirby and the bunny all curled up sleeping on my legs well I was on the computer.

So today I needed to get out of the house. Normally I'm happy to be stuck at home, knowing we are not using gas and saving money. But today I had to get out. I had came across a sewing class I wanted Ethan to take, it costs 350 and it's a week long class and you get a new sewing machine. Well needless to say we don't have 350. Right now we are at negative nothing. So I started thinking maybe next year? Well that won't work, that is about the time we do our family camping trip. So I thought maybe I could find an used sewing machine at goodwill and get it fixed up and teach Ethan to sew?

We found a newer plastic sewing machine that was in pieces. Ethan begged and I said no. We than came across this one. It's metal, it's all in good condition. It runs really well. And at 12 bucks it was a steal. Now I will get it serviced and cleaned out and teach my child how to sew? Lord Help Me.

But as we kept looking around we came across a sewing table. I thought that would be cool to keep his machine on. Well until we realized there was a sewing machine in the table. It's in good shape as well. We will need a new cord. So this one will be a project we will work on later. Hopefully I can get this one fixed up for Tucker. And a steal at 15 dollars.

And then tonight. Here is the cat and the bunny all curled up on the couch. This was after the cat licked the bunny clean. They may become good friends after all?

I for one is hoping for a very calm week ahead. Hoping to clear things up at the bank, so we are able to move forward in our lives. 

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