Friday, July 29, 2011

Week 2 Update & Feeding The Ducks

We wanted out of the house this week, so we went down to Boast Park and fed the ducks. We normally stop at Safeway to pick up some bread first. Because we don't have bread in this house. We then walked around the lake, a nice hike to wear out the kids.

Week Two update. Well money wise things are not good. Too many bills this week, plus I will be using gas this week. So looking at our budget for the upcoming weeks we decided to only pay the van 50 this week, making up difference next week. Currently 4898.72

This upcoming week, I am putting on a Rummage Sale for the boy's school. Send up some prayers it goes smoothly. Hoping to sell out and make a lot of money....I'm excited through. Although after the rummage sale, the bulk of my canning hits.

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