Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bread Ideas

So in the midst of Joann's yesterday I had a brain storm. This pan would be PERFECT to make bread in. Then the boys can have round sandwiches. Sometimes I amaze myself. So I bought two cake pans, (well I bought more then two, but don't tell hubby!) I bought a circle one, which I will now go back and buy at least 3 more, after using it today. These pans are from Wilton and you can probably buy them at any Joann's or Michaels.

I also bought a star pan for mini star sandwiches.

Don't they look good coming out?

Another view of them...

My oldest did a mayo, lettuce, chicken and cheese sandwich.

My middle child, God Love him, did a butter, sunbutter and cheese sandwich.

I used my bread recipe here   I think I baked for 13-15 minutes, the stars only about ten minutes. Just keep your eyes on them. Now go and get creative, baking gluten free bread shapes.

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Bat Chesed said...

Tell your middle child that sunbutter goes really well with fresh mango slices on a sandwich. It's like pb&j without the sugar. I am certain the Daiya would finish it off nicely too.

Those pans are seriously cool. I have pan-envy now. Sadly neither Joann's nor Michael's around here. Although the craft store used to sell Wilton's, I will have to check. Mind you, my b-day is not until 2012 now!