Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gluten Free Circle Croutons

Not just any Croutons...But Awesome, looking round croutons. The fancy kind one might buy in a store if they could eat gluten. So you know that Awesome new machine I got, to make cake balls. Yep, that is the one, I sliced up my first batch of cake balls, covered them in olive oil, I used Mrs. Dash as the seasoning and I put them in the dehydrator. Making Croutons is that easy. In fact hubby did some tonight, and he was like I can't believe it was that easy. Yep.

So I now have this Awesome new jar...Thanks Shari...And there was only one thing to do with it. Hold my fancy new circle croutons. The jar will soon be filled. I have another batch going.

OH and just as a bonus I made these tonight. My boys have a tea party tomorrow and of course we HAD to use the new cake ball machine. And thought, let's just cover them with enjoy life chocolate. My boys were drooling.

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