Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lion Costume

So yeah, I have a couple of crazy weeks coming up, and one of them is Cole is in a preschool circus. He is a lion. So me being through this a few times before, I know I have a lion costume on hand. Well WRONG as I went to go and look for it today, and we have come to realize we cut off the tail to use as a monkey tail last year for Tucker. And who knows what we did with the costume after that. We tore the house apart, but there is no lion costume in this house/shed/under the house.

So what is a mom to do? Well let's just whip one up? After a minute on google I had an idea. I went tearing through the house, no one's clothes were safe. I need a costume and I need it by Tuesday, yeah two days from now, Tuesday.

Found this shirt in the to toss box, really I don't toss clothes I put them in my sewing pile. So I turned it inside out, to get the furry going.

The pants were another issue, after tearing through the house I didn't find any pants I could tear up. So the tail is pinned to the shorts. See I can compromise.

So I dug out my felt and picked out four good colors, I then cut the felt into strips, and put the shirt on the sewing machine, as I'm sewing, I'm adding the felt, by loping it and sewing as I went. Honestly it took less then an hour to get this done.

And now I think he will be the Coolest Lion at the circus.

That blur is a dog.

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