Saturday, May 21, 2011

Updated Garden Photos

Been out working hard in the Garden. Crazy times around here as things need to be planted, and get into the ground and the weather is working against us this year again. So we just had a patch of sunny weather and I planted and weeded like crazy. So time to share some updated photos.

First here is Bridget, she was making sure my camera was working.

Front yard apple tree, it's gone crazy this year.

This is our newest addition to the garden. Another apple tree, this one will be red apples.

So one of our strawberry patches. Sadly these still need a good weeding.

One of my tomato beds. These beds are over 30 feet long just to let ya know. I'm planting again over 100 tomato plants.

This bed is green beans and carrots.

Our newest bed, this will be Raspberries, we currently have Raspberries but they are not in a good spot and not doing really well, so now that the bed is in, they will be moved.

Yeah, lovely right? My last set of beds to weed out and get ready to go. We let this go to grass last year as we just ran out of time last summer. So after I clean these out and add more dirt these will also be tomato beds.

I just got done working in this area, the first bed is a herb bed with 9 different herbs. The middle bed is a mix bed. It's onions, leeks, chard, celery, cucumbers, and carrots around the edges.

This is my herb bed again. I have herb markers being made. Very exciting to have a big ole herb bed this year.

So the last bed is another tomato bed, with more carrots around the edges. Carrots are a big hit here so the more the better.

I would say about 50-60% of what needs to be planted is planted. I still have a ways to go. But the green house is slowly being cleaned out. I can't wait to have it all planted and be able to just watch it all grow. We have a summer project of building more beds to be ready for next year. I'm hoping to add over ten new beds, shhh don't tell hubby it's that many. Oh and we are hoping to add two peach trees, we have two pears and two cherries. But we could use a peach. I will try to update as I go.

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