Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Diner

The Diner. OH BOY.

Now I have to say last year about this time, maybe more Spring than Summer I got some energy. I started feeling good and before I know it I had more energy than I knew what to do with. So with our love of collecting wood (anytime something is posted on free cycle we jump all over it). And we had pile after pile of all sizes and shapes of wood. So I went out last spring and just up and built the boys a Club House (Photo to come) We finished up before Summer started (although hubby has not roofed it yet). And we spent the summer playing and working in the Club House.

So this year I wanted to add to the Club House and the boys requested a Diner. Which is great, because last year on a very rainy day I stopped at a garage sale and picked up some kids cabinets, stove and fridge. I packed my van full for only 5 bucks. They need work, a new coat of paint and some hinges. So the other week I got outside and started building the Diner. I thought OH it would be so easy to build out of pallets? NOT! It is very hard to do with they are all different sizes and shapes. So as you can see the back wall is pallets and than I gave up and went to the 2x4's we had on hand. The floor came from Hubby's work for free, he often brings home odds and ends they would just toss. And this is working to be a good floor. So as you can see in the photos I have three walls up. Actually I have four walls up but have not updated my photos yet.

The floor in pieces.
The floor again in pieces. Me thinking how the Heck do I connect them?

To Dah the floor put together with screws, nails and anything else I could find.

The pallet back wall. As a note I suggest laying out your wall first. I did not I just grabbed a piece and nailed and yeah it didn't go so will. It actually took two days to get this wall up alone.

Two side walls up. YEAH....And today it is still standing. Double YEAH!
Stay Tuned as I have any spare time I will be out building...Spare time what is that?
And if you notice, NO I don't use a level. What is the fun in that?

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