Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Baby is Potty Training!

Well it's time to potty train the baby. I ran up to goodwill this week and bought a potty chair. I came home with it and my son could not get his diaper off fast enough. He sat right down and used it. And then would not touch it for the rest of the night. Nice right?

Well today a few days after this shot, tonight I decided it was time to go full blown potty training. Luckily that is all on tape, and no I will not be uploading it to the site. But we had a nice 30 minute fight, he wanted a diaper I would say no, I would say use the potty he would say no. You know how it goes right?

Ethan came inside and had to use the bathroom so I took Cole's potty chair and placed it in front of Ethan and there you go he peed in the potty. And than right before bed we got him to pee again.

So here we go down the road of potty training for our goal of no diapers.


tiffrutherf said...

How old his he? My daughter looks at the potty and says "No No"..but i have to get her trained before the new baby, i am NOT having 2 kids in diapers..she's 2.

Marcie said...

She's probably ready. You probably need to fight with her. Take some time and have the potty out and her naked and tell her no more diapers she has to pee in a potty. We also have Elmo on video who pees in a potty or one of those videos and we put that on for him.

Cole and I had about a 30 minute fight throwing fit yesterday me saying no more diapers and him saying yes put on the diaper. In the end he peed in the potty. So it has gotten easier now.

Some bribe, but I have never went there. Just take some time and do the potty thing run them to the potty every few minutes until they pee. I have pottys all over the house. Two little ones and one on the big potty.

Once they start to go it really does not take long. Don't worry about the night time and nap times yet. You don't want to push those, when they are dry for one full week at night then you are ready to go diaper free at night.

But keep working at it, for our oldest we had a doll and he tought the doll how to go pee and so when Ethan peed the doll at to pee also. Tucker was just simple for some reason. I thought no way this is going to happen by day 3 all was good and he was trained. With Cole it's hard, I so lack on time.

Just start you might be surprised. Ethan was trained before age two but with the seizures he ended back in diapers but trained again at age three. Tucker was two and a few months. Cole is coming on two and a half years so he is ready.