Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mommy Moment

You know when you have those Mommy moments and you can not believe you did that? I seem to have them daily, but yesterday I had one out in public.

So I was on my own with three kids. I had a backyard circus to get to. So with it being hotter than heck (90 degrees). I got the kids dressed, feed, found a clown costume and got that into the van. I packed the camera and got going. Of course I forget this and that and run back into the house a few times. You all know how it goes.

We get on the road and head for the circus. We get there pretty early and I take three kids out of the van and gather up our stuff and off we go. I set up the chairs and blanket and go in to dress a clown. That went well.

I head back outside to sit down to wait for the show to start. About 10 minutes out from the show I look over at my middle son Tuck and realize he is sitting there in his under ware. Can we say mommy moment? How does a child get out of a house with just under ware on?

Oh Boy. Because I have three boys and they do not clean out my van I was pretty sure I had pants in the van for him and sure enough I did. Gee Whiz. I find it funny no one mentioned anything. Not even my mother? I didn't see any odd looks? Maybe with me they are use to it?

And no I will not be posting that photo. But look for circus photos to be coming soon.

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