Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Updating 12/8/15

Well, about three weeks ago our TV died. Sitting here watching a silly Christmas movie, not paying any attention when I look up and it's a black screen. After some googling it's probably the inverter. Going for about 60 on Amazon. BUT the TV is under warranty so we went that route first. Called Costco and they sent us to the company. A freaking three week run around and we were finally able to send off our TV yesterday. Now because of the flooding it was stalled in Portland, as of tonight it's on a truck heading to GA. At this rate I won't be seeing the TV before Christmas. The kids loan me theirs in the evening so we are ok. 

So not in the Christmas spirit. Life isn't a Christmas movie that is for sure. Nope, it's stress, things breaking, money issues, rainy season, wet dogs, dying bunny, no time for anything, sewing, sewing and more sewing. Squeezing in school. And wishing time would stop because seed catalogs are starting to roll in.
Been racking my brain on what to make for the neighbor boy, when this idea finally landed in my lap, thanks manly to the fabric. What child doesn't want a batman cape? Like seriously? The child is three so it's a bit small on my ten year old. 

I wasn't going to do anything for baby brother, but hum how does one not do a bib in the same fabric? Almost wanted another baby, oh batman bibs, and batman diapers??? But then reality hits, and that baby thing passes, very quickly. 

I have sewed to many things so more photos are coming. I have created slug terra stuff animals, and about to do slug terra pillows. Two blaster holders, yeah no idea. In the midst of a quilt. Oh boy. Although the kids keep adding projects to my list. OH a pillow case tonight.
So Cole was flying the other night. 

Sam is doing well, well as well as he can. Flea issues, we are consently working on. Nothing is working on this dog. We are now doing a dawn bath every other day, and coated in natural flea stuff. It semi works for him. Along with cleaning his eyes daily. He pretty much has run of the house now. He has his set blankets in certain spots. He likes to sleep in the laundry room, where Tucker finds him in the morning and potties him. They take him to the playroom until I get up. Then his box is dragged to the living room where he either keeps sleeping or goes over by the couch. After a long nap, he gets fed and usually ends up in the laundry room until kids go to bed, then he is glued to my feet until it's feeding time again and bed time. And the cycle starts again. If he does something odd you rush him outside, it's pee or poop time. 

So not ready for Christmas. Even with us starting early on Lego's we are far behind. Losing the computer hurt. So the swags just are not there, so have to take the Lego's out of budget, and budget just can't do it. Still have four more sets to buy. So paying down the house is taking a big hit right now. We had to pay for packing to ship the TV back. The dishwasher is so close to dead. We are working on re-installing the second bathroom. Got the new toilet in. Only took two extra trips to Home Depot. We thought we had a leak, but it must be from turning on that water after so long? Now to get the new vanity in.
But taking hit after hit to the budget. I don't see it letting up until after Christmas. So going with it.
So can't wait to have my own sewing room one day. You don't want to see the living room. My small sewing area has exploded. I am working on this quilt and I want it all laid out, and can't. I have flannel everywhere, from sewing Tucker new pj's and such. Sigh.

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