Saturday, December 19, 2015

12/19/15 Candy Canes

This picture doesn't do this justice. These are 9 foot tall candy canes. Yes, 9 foot tall. It's 4 inch pvc pipe, you wrap red duct tape around and then the lights and boom you have a candy cane, although the top is a bit tricky, they are 4 inch curve pieces, glued together. I found these first on pinterest and if I hadn't lost my other computer I would supply you with the website I got the idea from! But to me they look stunning and just something that no one else has.
Although light wise it has been about all we can do this year. Lack of funds, our minds are else where.
December has totally side lined us. Loosing the computer has cut our swags in half, So having to get Lego's from our budget. Budget tight as it was so that stops money from going to the house. So our Mortgage really hasn't dropped, our savings really hasn't gone up. Been kinda at a stand still.
We have a couple big purchases we need to do for the house. So probably put x amount aside a week for that and start going down the list. Would be nice to not need to do anything when we go to sell the house. Just be ready to list.

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