Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ready For Christmas

Well Buddy is...He has been sitting on presents under the tree. Although someone needs to break the news to him that not one of the gifts are for him????

These two kill me. The gray cat hates everyone, she is a one cat, well one animal house. But when she is the mood to take care of someone she curls up with them and loves on them. Other then that LEAVE HER ALONE. 

Well ready for Christmas here. Gifts are all bought and wrapped and under the tree. Kids are not getting much, the bulk of the gifts under the tree are gifts they made and gave each other. Which those gifts they get to open on the 24th. I'm excited about those this year, they really put some thought into the gifts.
Although we have been thrown some curve balls this week. Which will drag into next week and we have a crazy three weeks coming up. So Monday night, well Tuesday Morning, hubby gets home from work about 2am, about 2:30am we are finally dropping into bed. At 3am phones are going off. My mother in law was rushed to the hospital. So hubby after no sleep runs up to help get father in law to the hospital. He arrives home about 9am where he finally drops into bed. Mother in law got real sick real fast and it went to her lungs. It was caught fast this time, although tell ya she fought going to the hospital. Luckily with it caught fast, she should only be in the hospital for a few days.
She should be home sometime over the weekend. But next week, hubby will be up and back helping out. Mother in law needs to take it easy, so for the first week we are forcing help on her. She likes to over do it, so hubby help in the morning and an evening nurse until bedtime. Try and get her to take it easy for a week.
Our TV arrives back home tomorrow. So excited about that. We so have missed this thing. It's not like I watch it a lot, but been watching the stupid Christmas movies in the evening so have to drag the kids' TV back and fourth. 
Tomorrow we are home all day. Hubby home from work. I plan on a working on a new cracker recipe, and making a good dinner and just being quiet. 

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