Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Punch In The Gut

Today I buried a friend. Not an old friend, the friend was only six months old. But my friend went into a coma and on life support over the weekend. And on Monday I finally pulled the plug.
Well let me back up a bit, back about 7 months ago, my computer died, it was expected, I was just getting every bit of life out of it. So we saved and saved for a new computer and we brought one in July. Hated it nearly every minute, but I figured I could make it work for two years? It went slow as a slug and had to restart 2-4 times a day.
Well Saturday it stalled out so I went to restart it and I got an error message, saying disk repair it will take hours. Well Sunday we called Toshiba, because the computer is only 6 months old and I have a one year warranty. Well except they won't talk to us unless we supply a credit card. So apparently the warranty isn't worth squat? Took the computer down to Staples, and for 155 plus a hard drive they can fix it. Well that is how much I paid for the dang computer. Not worth it.
So came home and turned it on and just to see if we can get it out of the disk error? Did and got a new screen. So ok I'll set it back to factory standards? except after days I can't get past 54%. So yesterday after many tries. I finally turned it off and buried the computer and I will move on.
So I'm computer less for a few months. We can't really start to save until after the holidays right now.
But I will tell ya. Toshiba SUCKS. Who has a one year warranty, but you can't use it unless you pay for it yet again? One shouldn't have to pay for a warranty that was paid for? Emailed and nothing back, I don't expect anything back. At the same time I got my six month survey, well yeah your company SUCKS. Why does a six month computer need a new hard drive?
Just feels like I've been punched in the gut.
So luckily I have hubby's computer, but. I have lost half my swags money. So we are working Lego's into the budget to get one or so a week. Because swag wise there is no way we can make it. 

Then we have the dishwasher. It started leaking months ago, nothing big, we had a cookie sheet under it. Except the other day it flooded. I had water everywhere. So gave up, it's time to figure it out and fix it. Took out the dishwasher, and the hoses are all hooked up. It's leaking from the electric???? makes no sense, until we opened it up to look at that area, and realized we had a hole? It seems the heating coil was bent down, burnt a hole into the bottom of the dishwasher and that is where we get the leak.
So hubby ran off to the hardware store and found some putty. It works. Although yesterday got a few drops. Hoping it will hold off most of the water until we can save for a new dishwasher. Sad we have to buy a new dishwasher just to turn around and sell the house? 

In updating our list this weekend we added over 1k of stuff to the list. Between buying a new dishwasher, to ripping out the pantry and putting the half bath back in. A lot of this and that. So it was a very hard weekend.
In the midst of trying to recover and work on budget, hubby and I have decided to go gift less this Christmas. It was on the fence anyway, but we can't logically afford anything extra right now. We need to focus on the kids, and then the to do list.
I had luckily just gotten out Family Reunion stuff, well snail mail, not the emails, But my Christmas card info is on the other computer. Luckily I have my photos in two places. One on a dead computer.
Yeah, so it was a hard weekend.
With the budget we've put a semi pause on putting money towards the house. It's a matter of survival right now. But as we work on Christmas and knocking down the list, we will get back to putting money towards the house.
Bring on the Good Days....

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