Friday, October 30, 2015


MY NEIGHBOR, where do I start? Yes, the same neighbor with the fight over the fence. Still pissed about the fence. BUT, my neighbor, she saw this dog in an empty house and left it. She then a few days later saw this dog walking around the church parking lot. She decided to bring it home. She then raced it to a vet who wouldn't touch it. After some calls, no vet would touch it. LOVELY. 

So of course she thinks of us, because this is what we do we rescue. And boy did he need recusing. He was matted, and ratted, and the smell. His eye, I can't even tell you how gross his eye was, I didn't want to touch it. So brought it home and a bath, it then found our pantry and spent all day in the pantry. Made me wonder if he spent a lot of time in a small room? so left him and the next day he was out and walking around. So to kill the smell and work on the hair I started to shave him. It took four days to shave him. Not because he hated it but because he was so matted and bad and I did not want to cut him at all.
It then took two more bathes to get the smell off of him. Spent some serious time working on the eyes. He does look like a dog now. He is blind in one eye, and I think he is old, probably between 10-12. So old he won't touch dry dog food.
So he is spoiled now, He gets canned dog food with left overs. so if we have rice or chicken it gets saved for his meals.
After the second day we made him a box, and he knows where it is, and it's his box. He loves his box. It's his safety box, I can understand that.
Although now he is warming up to us. he now will sleep in places other then the box. and for some reason he likes my hubby, wants to snuggle with hubby. Although in fairness, I did shave him and clean him and bathe him so I can see why he isn't warmed up to me. Although I do fed him and potty him soooo....He is potty trained, well he doesn't pee in the house, we make sure to take him out every few hours. Treating him like we are potty training him.
He is becoming such a joy, so hopefully he can have a another year or two of good living now?  Just have to wonder what sort of life he did have? To a point I can understand someone leaving a blind not eating dog, but take him to s shelter or craigslist or something. To leave him in an empty house to die? Such a poor baby.
So Please meet Sam.
He is one of five freaking dogs in this house. Oh that may have came out wrong, but it's raining and having five dogs in the house gets to me at times. One lives outside and whines to go outside, then she gets wet and whines to come in. One is back and fourth so much I almost need to install a stop sign, and one just wants to sleep on Cole's bed (wet) and the baby, oh he is jealous, but the other day he was protecting Sam. So I think Sam is growing on him? Sam is smaller then Buddy if that is possible? Once he realized nothing is changing, he seems to have settled down and is semi ok with Sam being here.
And have I mentioned we live in a really small house? So can't wait to move away from the neighbor so we get no more surprise rescues from her. 

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