Friday, October 30, 2015


Christmas is less then two months away...anyone else freaking out? 

Well don't! If you start early enough. you will be more then ready for the big day. Luckily I don't shop for a lot of family. Mostly just the boys, but my boys LOVE Lego's and Lego's are PRICEY. So back in September they had to make their Christmas List and I started shopping. So I have boxes that look like this, not opened. So Kids can't snoop.
I took care of my mother and niece's at a craft show this past summer. And hubby will get stuff if we have money, we are use to not getting each other anything. We really don't need anything and with me using swagbucks to buy about 85% of Christmas. I don't think this year there will be enough swags to go around. But we will see?
Another thing to do, if you are one of those person's who have to wait until December to buy for other people, is to set aside about 20 dollars a week, If you start in January you will have over 1,000 of play money....And then buying gifts won't kill your budget, you won't go into debt, in turn spending the whole next year paying off your debt. I have heard horror stories.
I'm sorry, but I really find it silly to go into debt for Christmas. Like for example, my mother gives the worse gifts. Always have, and probably always will. I have asked and begged not to get me anything, but oh everyone needs something, Hum no I really don't. For example, one year I got this plastic ice bucket. Like Really? What about this screamed my name? I don't drink? It was ugly. And honestly next time just give me the buck you spent on it. Most of her items end up at goodwill after Christmas. I did lay down the law a few Christmas's ago, no more then three gifts each for the kids. because of all the crap coming into the small house. She didn't obey, but the crap was cut in half. One year it was so sad, Tucker turns to me crying saying he hated everything she gave him and I didn't blame him. He likes Lego's and monkey's and he got clothes and crap.
So I'm telling ya, if you don't know what to get someone? Cash is King. Oh don't say that is boring. Because it's really not. I can then go and get what I really want. And then well I'm happy. Or a gift card to a store I really go to. Like I go to Joann's, I could live at Joann's. Gas card who couldn't use a gas card? But a gift card to coffee when one doesn't drink coffee? I have never gotten a gift card to Joann's, But to Safeway a store I have never been too yep. I got Restaurant cards, We dont' eat out. Coffee cards. I don't drink. So they sit and sit and sit, well wishing I was just given cash. So I can spend it at Joann's.
So a thought. Less then two months until Christmas. 


Crunchy Sews said...

Have you heard of mPoints? I've gotten a bunch of Amazon gift cards through there.

Marcie said...

Yes, I have tried it, but for the life of me can't figure out how to even get one point so I gave up for now.