Thursday, October 1, 2015

10-1 update

Life seems to be flying by. Can not believe it is October all ready. We are still harvesting, we are working slowly on getting the house ready for sale, and school is in session.
Although right now only averaging about 3 days a week. Which is ok, as everything is planned out and as long as we get through each day before going onto the next we will be fine.
Grapes are in, we got TONS this year. Although I do not do anything with them right now. Maybe down the road in the future? Been sharing with neighbors and such. 

Can you believe this flower bed? These are marigolds, called Firecracker Marigolds. They are so tall and over flowing it's just crazy. Plan on waiting until the last minute to pull the bed, kinda like how they keep going. 

Onions are in....We are processing them as fast as we can right now. 

This one weighed in at 2.5 pounds, not bad for our first year. This onion is called Alisa Craig. We may start them again next year, maybe around Christmas and finding a deep bed for them? 

Pumpkins are in. The biggest on only weighed in at 34 pounds. Summer heat turned them orange way too soon or they may have weighed more....

This child built a Chima castle Lego thing, and entered a contest. The next morning big brother made him tear it apart, so he could use the table. Oh the joy of big brothers....NOT

So Cole is getting glasses. Apparently he has never been able to see far away. Tuckers eyes are doing much better, So the supplements will continue, although I'm adding one. The other two will go onto the supplements as well now. Tucker is getting new lenses.
We are in the midst of getting the house ready for sale, getting new windows and such in. Fixing this and fixing that. We have a list a mile long and we are slowly working down it. I would like to be close to 100% ready for market soon, so all we have to do is save every penny and wait for our new house to come. Lord knows size is a major issue here for us now.
I'm also out in the garden working. Pulling up my herbs and getting them into pots and ready to go. But only moving one here and one there, making sure they transplant ok. I'm taking apart their beds and stacking the brick. I am taking about half my brick with me. Hoping this weekend to tear out the raspberries and get those on craiglist, and start to transplant those herbs in that area. We are taking apart the whole area by the pear trees, the area the neighbor put the shed in, and we will remove everything, let it all go back to grass, and hope for the best with the pear trees. One is so bent over looking for sun it's so not funny.
But getting all my herbs into pots and ready to go, so that if we find a house lets say right after Christmas we are not only packing and planning and such, but we won't be digging up herbs and the garden as well.
School has finally started here. Although averaging three days a week, as we seem to have an appointment here and there. Tiring. The amount of appointments these kids have, not to mention the massive amount of paperwork that goes with it. But I have school planned out by the day all though the year, so when all the days are done we are done for the year. So even if we run out of days in April then we are just done. Although right now no idea when we are set to stop?
Oh have any of you down loaded Windows 10? kinda kicking myself for doing it. I did it on my computer. It has made swags so much faster, but has slowed my email to a snails pace. Not to mention the consent kick off of the internet. Especially if you are in the middle of writing an email or buying something from amazon. OH and blogger won't talk to windows 10...So I had to steal hubby's computer to blog tonight. 


Jen said...

I get your blog posts in my email and read them religiously! :) I live down in the Portland area so I love knowing what's going on in your garden. I have just a little one and just pulled out all the tomatoes. I'm going to leave them on the stalks/roots until more of them ripen though. You mentioned your boys are on supplements for their eyes/vision. What do you use? I would love some help with my youngest--he has pretty poor eyesight and a lazy eye, too. Sometime can you post a menu of what your meals look like? Or at least dinners? I met you on one of the GF Yahoo groups so I know your meal ideas will help me. What I really need help with is making meals cheaper! Thanks for your lovely blog and all of the pictures! :)

Marcie said...

I have a blog post coming up....