Friday, September 4, 2015


It was like BOOM we woke up one day and it was Fall? After countless 90 plus degree days, it was 70 and raining and just yuck and it hasn't warmed up since.
Tomatoes are still kicking my butt. My table looks like this nightly, often I'm working 3-4 hours just on tomatoes and when I yell Mercy the kids pick up all the tomatoes and take them to the neighbors. I then spend the next day filling bowls and the afternoon taking care of them and by dinner yell Mercy and the day starts again.
We are actually in the middle of pulling tomatoes. So there will be an end in sight. Hubby has a week off coming up, my plan is to have the whole garden down and covered. Yeah, we will see, our harvest list is LONG. 

We up and surprise took a trip to the Ocean. I needed a tomato break and the boys haven't been in two years. They were having their art show, so we hit that first, and after lunch hit the beach. After two hours had to drag the kids out of the water. 


The kids had the job of mashing and mashing and mashing. I filled the crock and some quart jars and then we called it a day. What a mess we made. 

Hubby has a week off coming up, hoping to close down the gardens? Replace a window, and work more on our to do list. We have a long to do list of stuff to do in the house before we can even consider selling it. We want to have it ready to sell so we are ready to go when we find our new house.
Speaking of a new old house. We are saving every single penny, we are trying hard to pay down the house. We would LOVE to pay all cash for our new old house and be Mortgage free. So we will see. Budget has been kicking my butt. We got a raise, but I don't think that is it, because spending didn't increase, although I think I have too many lines on the budget as we are trying to save and pay the house and save for a new van and this and that.
So for the next few weeks are harvesting, closing the garden, working on the to do list, and starting not looking forward to school. sigh.

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