Thursday, September 4, 2014

Weekly Update & Mortgage Update

Oh how I LOVE these tomatoes. I think I will have to do these every year. These tomatoes are very tiny. BUT I bought some seeds this year that are suppose to be smaller? we will see. These are Matt's Wild. And they just melt my tomato picking heart.

Not a great tomato year, this year. I think it's more of a weather thing then a me thing? Too wet, not enough sun, they are turning brown and dying off on me. I've lost one whole bed so far. Although Siberia is doing well. These are new to me this year. Seem to be a study stream of tomatoes for me. A bit larger then a cherry. We have a week of sun ahead so I'm hoping for a bunch of red tomatoes. I'm watching the weather. Hoping to give everything a few more weeks before we are talking frost? 

We started school on Monday. There are a lot of wrinkles this year. We are slowly ironing them out. We are trying some online things this year. After Monday we realized it's more of a guide. It's good for science, history and art. Not sure on the spelling. But trying it for now. The math SUCKS. So I'm still doing Saxon, We realized the English sucks so we will keep with Bob Jones for English. We have expanded reading. This week it's 20-30 minutes in a week or two it will be a strong 30 minutes each.

Money wise, things are going from tight to tighter. Oh boy. You add in Christmas is coming. It's scary. We lost a LOT of food money this month. No idea why as nothing money wise has changed, but we were hit hard. I went over every number when we got the paperwork and they didn't input any wrong numbers so IDK. But it will really hurt. We are barely getting by as it is. But then you think that is the government for ya, never wanting to help, keep ya poor. Because you we would be ok if we were not paying down the house. 

And that is something I'm torn about daily. How can one pay down a house with a budget like this? But yet paying down the house will help the budget in about a year or so, and set us up, to look good. And the feeling you get every time you log in and see the total going down and down. If all goes well we will be below 113k at the end of the year. I would LOVE to be at 100k at the end of next year. I will run the numbers closer to the end of the year to see if that is possible? 

IDK I am taking things day at a time. I'm hoping to use swags for most of the Christmas. We may have to get creative on food here. I just hope the hit doesn't hurt us too bad. 

Mortgage is currently at 116,056.31

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