Thursday, September 25, 2014

Play Room Pixs, Weekly Update, & Mortgage Challenge

Boy that was a mouth full. FINALLY getting around to taking photos of the new play room. Believe it or not I hand made all those Lego's on the wall. Really not that hard, took time more then anything. I used a straight edge and we went off of 4 x 4 inch measurements. Hard to see on some of the photos but I did draw in all the circles as well. I used canned food and drew around them.

I brought a table at surplus for a whopping 5 dollars.

No idea what Cole was doing back there?

We put in new carpet. I am NOT a fan of carpet and all the chemicals it comes with. BUT this room is in the garage, and the floors get very cold in the winter. So far so good with no puppy pee on it. The door is closed when no one is in there. And the puppy is about 99.5 % potty trained.

Some close ups.

I LOVE the gray above. I have my eye on some Lego art work, I think once I get that, it will look awesome up above.

Our Lego sorter. Got from surplus long ago. Each bin holds a color. 

Mr. Tucker and his new glasses. Took Tucker in to get his eyes checked because we have really fallen behind in school with him. Every day has been a struggle. Come to find out he is blind as a bat. Things have changed so much in two years he is off to see a specialist in December. Although he can see now. I don't think it will be long before he will catch up. We shall see? The fit throwing during English and reading have stopped, probably a good sign?

Fall has set in and hit us hard. One day it was summer and in the 80's, next day fall and pouring rain and just yuck. I'm sneaking out when I can, and cleaning beds. The neighbors horse was helping last night, he cleared the grapes for me. ARG.We have a few dryer days coming up so I should be able to clear most of the back beds and get them covered for winter. I'm putting up food daily. So we will get there. I picked a 24 pound squash yesterday. Yikes.

We have started constructing the raspberry bed. I'll take photos soon. It will be interesting on where I"m putting it. Feverfew was moved and looks good. Chicks sale is coming up, and I'm hoping for planters. Lots and lots of planters. 

On the Mortgage front, we are moving along. Down to 115,652.00. Just LOVE seeing the total go down, but dang there have been some hard weeks. Middle of one now, add in trying to save for the chicks sale, and my shopping list this week is insane.


Theresa said...

I have got to figure out how to do a wall covering of Legos in our playroom!!! that is just amazing. Alas I don't sew. Good job, they look awesome.

colleen m said...

Love your Lego wall! Awesome job!