Friday, October 3, 2014

Weekly Update & Mortgage Challenge

Been a quiet, but busy week. Last Sunday we went out to the back field and totally cleaned out half of the garden beds. It looks so empty out back now.

The green stuff? Oregano, I never planted it here, but yet I keep digging it up and moving it to the front and it keeps coming back. I gave up this year. Need to do a harvest of it soon and cut it back for winter. 

Empty beds. 

This is that new bed we put in. We moved the Feverfew over. So now I have lilac's and feverfew. More to come. 

This upcoming year I will be adding more herbs to the garden, I took a break this year so I could focus on what I had. Made sure they were all ok. Moved the ones that needed a bigger home. But now it's time to add a few more to the collection. 

But mostly a quiet week. Been going out nightly and cleaning one front yard bed a day. Working slowly on cleaning up the front yard. 

Today was the chicks sale and nothing to exciting. We picked up two wagon wheels I will show off later when we re-do the fence this spring. It's on the verge of falling down. Got a new bird house. It's new, so I need to paint it and de-stress it. Of course the sales are hit or miss. Some years we hit well and some we don't, and this was a don't. 

So with the money saved, we may take the kids to the zoo? We haven't been there in over two years. Might be nice to have a surprise. Of course we won't tell them. Just wake up and tell field trip, get in the car! 

Mortgage didn't drop too much this week. I didn't pay the extra 135, saving that for the chicks sale. But I did pay the monthly mortgage payment. Get back on track next week and should be able to end the year well. Mortgage is currently at 115,432.31

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