Wednesday, October 22, 2014

GOAL!, English, & Weekly Update

Well since Tucker got his new glasses he has taken off. Yesterday he finally finished up English Two. Told him English Three needs to be done by the end of our school year. That would leave him one year behind on English. With our new school schedule, English now gets done daily so we can probably hit this goal no problem.

This is the wall hanging I sent off last week. It wasn't what was in my head. But this is how it ended up on the fabric. I really like it. 

So Hit a Mortgage Goal this week. Currently sitting at 115,000. Thought long and hard about paying an extra dollar and being at 114,999. But wanted to see 115k. We will find out tomorrow what the Mortgage Lender has planned for us. If anything. The numbers are close so we may have to wait until next year and we are more closer to 100k. I'll wait a few days before setting a new Mortgage goal. Need to see if we will indeed re-fi or not. Nothing like waiting.

Other then that rainy season has started. Nothing but wet outside.

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