Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Weekly Update and under 16k Mortgage Challenge

The garden is slowly coming to an end. But there are still a few things to take photos of! The light was just right for Teddy the other day. Oh how pretty he is. This is a Teddy Bear Sunflower

An awesome sunflower.

How pretty is this mini rose? I'm not a fan of pink but crap this is pretty!

And finally, a photo of what I picked up in OR. A Prickly Pear. Hubby talked me into it. I really need to stick to NO. Because this was a pain in the ASS to bring home. A prickly pear is nothing to mess with. You don't touch this unless you are fully gloved and clothing. We actually lost a few paddles coming home, but it's still a pretty thing. 

A bumpy week. We are on day 8 of homeschooling. We've had bumps, the other day we got so far off, I couldn't figure it out. But today went so smooth it wasn't funny. But taking it one day at a time here. We are taking off Friday, as Tucker has an eye appointment and then stay in town to do errands and save on gas. Daddy had an eye appointment on Monday and needed new glasses. So as daddy was looking, Tucker picked out a pair. Oh he is all set if he needs glasses. He is really struggling so I think it's time for him. But he looks so good, so we shall see. Glasses are not paid by insurance. so we've been saving for this. 

Our Mortgage is under 116k. YEAH. Currently at 115,924.31, working hard at keeping on track. Just hope there are no more mortgage bumps.


Rachel said...

Love the flower pics. On the prickly pear topic, I want to chime in. Having been raised in AZ by a gardening fanatic, I have experience with this. To move a prickly pair safely you need: 1) Tongs 2) newspaper and 3) gloves. The newspaper can be looped around the prickly pair to hold it in place and can also be wrapped around it to protect yourself. The tongs are for work that requires finer control of it, e.g. with planting. The gloves are obvious. Also, if pads fall off, no problem. Just put them in the ground (bottom half in, top half out) and they'll root themselves so now you have 2 prickly pear.

Marcie said...

We got to learn all about the Prickly Pear the hard way. In traveling home, it had a bag over it. The bag stayed on it until we planted it. We had double gloves when planting.

Tell ya we came very close to planting the Prickly Pear in OR before coming home because all the grief it was giving us.

Although it's very pretty where it's planted. Just something unique to have in the yard. May do something with it one day but right now, just planting it and letting it grow.

Autismland Penny said...

Love these updates! Keep plugging along and paying down the mortgage will help ! I'm cheering for you!

As for homeschooling, it takes us awhile to get our groove going for a new year too!