Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Weekly Update & Mortgage Challenge (plus new garden bed)

So I did it again. Hubby and I were out working in this herb bed. Remember this guy? Well my Fever View has spread like crazy. Tuckers plant is having babies everywhere, and my Lilac's are buried and not being treated with the love they should have.

So this bed is for the lilac's. I will move the Fever View into the bed. I will this spring find all of Tucker's babies and put them into the bed. I plan on getting some Wintergreen and that will be placed in this bed, because it's also a spreader. Just kinda a catch all bed. 

So I bought a bunch of brick, this is four yards of dirt. Holes in the brick will hold Lavender. 

If you are wondering about the post and well. This is an RV parking site. We unhooked the electric long ago and the well is not working at the moment.  But we want to keep everything in place, until we decide if we are ever selling or staying?

And then yesterday our neighbor surprised us. She ordered ten yards of gravel, and now we have to rearranged our weekend in nearly 90 degree heat and work on the road. A bit surprised because we chatted about picking a day a wee bit later into fall to dodge the heat. But nope. And hubby can't take the day off. So he is working on road and then going to work, to finish off Sunday. All neighbors are working. 

Fall is coming, tomatoes have tanked, so now it's time to tear apart the garden. It's not just me on the tomato front, after talking to a few it's everyone in town. So it's more weather then anything. Just sad. 

Our Mortgage has dropped to 115,792.31 With each drop it's much easier to breath. I can't believe how close we are to 115k. That will be an exciting day.

About it here, just crazy busy with school, and garden. Tough money week ahead, but we will breath through it and be ok.

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