Thursday, August 21, 2014

I HATE my pantry, weekly update, and Mortgage Challenge

Been working on the pantry now. I picked an orange that has brown tones. Well this is ORANGE with no brown tones. And I really HATE it. BUT it's a pantry and when all is said and done I can shut the door and not see it. So I'm not spending money to repaint. So we are currently working on the floor. Hoping to gosh next week we are putting back the pantry and cleaning the heck out of this house. Because I'm soooooooo TIRED of living in this mess. My house has not been clean since July, so tired of tripping over things and moving things and you should have seen me cook dinner tonight.

So I need to start tearing apart the garden. So I brought in this guy tonight. Get him canned and go and pick another. I thought for sure he was 20 pounds. Nope 12.5 pounds. Found this one by accident. I went to pick a few red tomatoes, and nearly stepped on him. Now this squash is the squash they use to make canned pumpkin in stores. I really can't wait to grow these again.

Was out taking photos of the garden. The yellow sunflowers sure took their time blooming. They just popped this week. Crazy, but they all popped on one day, yellow everywhere.

Red velvet has been open for awhile now.

Grapes are going NUTS.

Bees, lots of bees in the garden. And as long as you leave them alone they leave you alone. Just don't accidentally get one in the crease of your arm because they will sting you. OUCH. 

Borage. I'm adding White Borage next year. How exciting. 

Yeah, hum crazy times here. Need to start tearing apart the garden. Tomatoes are just now starting to turn red. I'm dicing right now. Might have enough for a pot of sauce in a day or two? I just hope i'm not picking green tomatoes and bringing them in. Been working on herbs and getting then torn down, cut back. Moving as fast as I can. But it seems so slow!

Praying we can get the pantry done this week. Start to clean up the house, and I plan on being brutal. I would love to take another trip to goodwill when everything is done with. Hubby has next week off and my to do list is long and horrid. I'm hoping to also start school next week???? Speaking of school I finally found an online school I think I like? We will sign up Ethan first and get him started. If we like it we will sign up the other two. But then there goes my mornings. Been saving my swag money, just in case we do like the school, then we will need another computer actually two. But one for now. My computer runs slow, and needs to be restarted often. But it's the only one that can print. Well when they talk? 

Thinking of getting a geek in here when we get our tax return. Get my computer running faster? get all the computers hooked to the printer. Get the printer on the new router. I'm just not a computer person. Would love to have everything talking to each other!

Been doing good on the Mortgage front. We fell below 117,000. YEAH. Every time we fall a thousand it's like we can breath easier. It's easing the pain. Currently sitting at 116,623. Shouldn't be long before we are in the 115's if we keep going at this rate. Need to look ahead at some numbers. We've been slowly, really slowly building back up the savings, and that feels good. Just needs to keep adding to it. Very slowly. A lot of me putting off things, we can get it later, we don't need it. Or using swag money to buy something. And saying NO a lot. 

Well if you don't hear from me the pantry or garden has swallowed me whole!

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