Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Weekly Update & Mortgage Challenge

And it has been a week. So in the midst of cleaning out the playroom, and getting it ready for painting. This happens. Honestly it sounded like a freight train had hit the house. I actually thought the playroom wall fell down.

Three shelves of jars. I lost a lot of herbs, chicken and such. Glass everywhere. With the playroom going on (photos later you won't want to miss it!) The pantry is still a mess. Most of the glass is picked up, but I have jars everywhere, waiting for us to deal with the pantry. 

Thought I would share some garden photos. Because honestly I can't believe my garden this year. Judy is doing amazing. 

 One bed of tomatoes, but notice all that space in front? I had to move the fence because goats were just leaning over eating tomatoes. 

Everything is so tall and big. 

Pumpkin patch. 

You can't tell the size of this on screen, but it's probably a close 40 pounder right now. I have another right behind this one. Probably sitting at about 30 pounds, hard to see because he is buried.

Leo says HI. He misses his brother something awful. 

So as for our week. The truck went in, yet again, and me freaking out held back the extra house payment last week. Because we have no money. And the truck always costs us something. Sure enough 200 dollars later, so we had to scrap up some money. We also had hay delivered, two more rounds, or marshmallows. Should take the goats into September. So had to scrap up money for that. Just plain OUCH. 

So hopefully back on track this week? I paid the Mortgage, and the extra payment for this week. We are now below 117....Sitting at 116,914.59. So nice to be under the 117 mark.

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