Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weekly Update & Mortgage Challenge

Yeah, it's been more then a week since the last update. Tell ya the garden has opened up and swallowed me whole. So went out of town to a family reunion. We thought we would head south and roast in southern Oregon. I'll show off my new goodies later. All in all, not the greatest trip and my mother and I may never speak again before she passes. She needs rehab and I don't see that happening. She has chosen not to speak to me anymore, but that is what drunks do, they kick out the ones that care. Her loss. But either she smarts up and goes to rehab and get on her feet or she will mix pills and alcohol and pass on. 

Came home to 12 pounds of cucumbers and suddenly canning season has begun. I'm now picking 20 pounds of cucumbers daily to every other day.

One should not turn a blind eye to zucchini....We went out and picked 15 today. Gray Zucchini is new to me this year and very dreamy. Not only the coloring, but the insides. Oh how lovely it is. One I will grow every year from now on.

Got home and got a wild hair to gut our house, starting with this room. You tell Tucker and Cole to clean their room and this is what you get? We gutted the room, took everything out but the bed.

Tell ya about 70% of it left the house! two loads went to goodwill, not all from the bedroom, some from the playroom as well.

Just not pretty.

So asked the boys about painting their room. Oh they wanted it painted, but I was out voted. Do you see the changes? We also put in closet length shelves. It was a great idea.

See they have a floor.

Pulled this from the playroom. It holds all their stuffed animals. 

Next up is the playroom. Doing this on a very tight budget so it's slow going. The only thing I bought for the bedroom was a gallon of paint. For the playroom, we plan on getting a new carpet remnant, and about one gallon of paint. Also we will go to surplus and get a kids table, they run about ten dollars. So the whole play room should run under 100 dollars. So stay turned for that. But nice to refresh the house a little? Declutter and take a few loads to goodwill. 

So after a rough month and missing a few extra Mortgage payments. I have been sending a few dollars here and there to play catch up. I'm currently short 298. Now our payment went down by 20 dollars so I will have that. But I will make an effort to catch up and stay on track. The last two weeks have been good. We are currently at 117,340.35 should be in the 116's by the beginning of next month. Exciting. 

If you don't hear from me, I'm canning, drying, or doing something. Just wait until tomato season!

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Autismland Penny said...

Nice to see that it's just not my kids rooms that look like that! lol If it makes you feel better , my mom hates me and I'm the only one who helps her. SMH