Sunday, September 8, 2013


We had ten tons of rain here. Enough rain for flood warnings and everything. So I wasn't in the garden for a few days. And boy did it show. I picked a counter full of tomatoes.
And a table full. Off to the side you see a few cucumbers. I found those without looking. So this morning we dug out all the crockpots. And filled all four with tomatoes. One for tomato sauce, and three aimed for ketchup.
Then this morning I went out to work in the front yard garden. Thought I would start with pulling the eggplant because it has done NOTHING. Well except it has ten babies hanging off of it. Are you freaking kidding me? So I let it be and worked on the strawberries.
The front yard pumpkin patch. Last count was 26, but since then we've had at least two babies, maybe more. Who knows.

Tomorrow we start to pull leeks. We only have hundreds to pull. I have three beds ready to be cleaned out. So work on those, well trying hard to keep up with the tomatoes. They are coming in fast and furious now. 

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Crunchy Sews said...

Marcie, what beautiful food!