Saturday, September 14, 2013

Canning Carrots

So today we dove into the first carrot bed. We are doing half this bed today and half tomorrow. Then next weekend do the same thing with the second carrot bed.
Ethan and daddy were out pulling carrots, cutting off tops, and washing and bringing them in.
Tucker was in with me, peeling, slicing and jarring.
Our carrots this year are AMAZING. We doubled up the bed to just give them room to go. And go they did.
No idea what happened here.

Today we canned 41 quarts of carrots. 


emaegf said...

I just read an article earlier today that said the that funny one is most likely do to low nitrogen levels in the soil.
But, darn girl, those things are huge regardless...

Marcie said...

We really worked on the soil this year. But yeah nearly 100 quarts this weekend alone. Those carrots were insane.

Crunchy Sews said...

Those carrots are amazing! I think they grew so big on all the love you put into feeding your family nutritious food.

Although we don't grow our own, when we get carrots from our CSA we juice the tops as well as the bottoms. Before our guinea pigs passed we used to feed them the tops. Our piggies lived quite a long time and I like to think it was due to them getting lots of organic veggies along with their high quality pellets.