Friday, September 20, 2013

Chocolate Swirl Bark

Sadly this is the best photo I could take. It's hard to take a picture of something like this. But tell ya it's GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. I came across this blog post and just know I had to make it. So I used it on Cooking Friday.

Today alone has been very interesting. As I had to run to the store this morning for chocolate. We invited neighbor girl over to cook with us. Well she goes to a "public" school. But Friday's are half days. (really don't understand this) So asked her about her day. A walk-a-thon and a dance. Huh? Did you do any school work? No. Head spinning, eye rolling me going HUH? Well ok. Not judging. I can't see sending my child to school for that? OH and they were handing out boyfriends at the dance. Asked her if she got one. She said no. I said good, you don't need one!

But anywho the kids had a blast making this. A great way to teach Ethan between Tablespoon and Teaspoon, and me getting an OHHHHHH. Well at the store today Ethan scored some of his own measuring cups and spoons. But moms way of cooking is getting a spoon out and dumping, I don't measure, so explained to him why I grab a certain spoon to do my dumping. OHHHHH.

So in a matter of time two pans of bark were done and into the freezer. Neighbor girl came back after chores and tried the bark. Then took some over to her family who totally enjoyed it. She then came back and the kids had bark here and played until bedtime.

The recipe is here I didn't change a thing. Check out her blog, AMAZING.

So Ethan did two recipes for Cook With Me Friday....Score!

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